Sell Your Gold & Get Cash Fast!


Peachtree Gold Exchange always pays top dollar for all of your unused, broken and other gold items. When you need to raise cash, your scrap gold is a reliable source. You can take advantage of high gold prices while emptying your jewelry box of broken and unworn jewelry. Our services are discreet, accommodating and fast. Our staff is friendly and professionally trained, and our rates are unbeatable.

Everyone has out-of-style, broken or unwearable jewelry. Those dated pins or clunky necklaces may not express your current style. We buy all types of pieces, so you can bring us jewelry and other items for the following fast results:

Experts Appraisals and Cash-Flow Solutions

  • You can empty your jewelry box, and fill your wallet with instant cash.
  • Our staff is ready to help sort, grade, weigh and evaluate all of your unwanted gold.
  • Find a solution to pay for car repairs, medical bills or any other expenses.

After you’ve explored every possible avenue to solve a financial crunch, you may feel boxed in a corner. An unexpected health problem may have resulted in an endless stream of overdue bills. You can always count on Peachtree Gold Exchange to help you find an immediate solution.

At the same time, you can simplify your life and create space in rooms that are overstuffed with old items. If you take some time to look through your belongings, you’ll realize that many of these pieces no longer hold a place in your life. At Peachtree Gold Exchange, you’ll find a productive way to transform long-forgotten items into cash for more pressing needs.

Sell Gold With Us!

Our gold buyers are ready to help you! Peachtree Gold Exchange can offer you the best value when you sell gold for cash. When you are ready to sell your unwanted gold, stop by to take advantage of a free appraisal. For more information, contact us at 678-479-1919 now!