Sell Your Gold & Get Cash Fast!

Sell Gold With Us!



Peachtree Gold Exchange always pays top dollar for all of your unused, broken and other gold items. When you need to raise cash, your scrap gold is a reliable source. You can take advantage of high gold prices while emptying your jewelry box of broken and unworn jewelry. Our services are discreet, accommodating and fast. Our staff is friendly and professionally trained, and our rates are unbeatable.



Sell Silver With Us!



Do you have old silverware to sell or dust-gathering candlesticks? Peachtree Gold exchange buys more than just broken gold; you can also sell your silver! If you want the best value, our trained precious metal technicians assist our buyers to determine the fairest price for your scrap platinum and silver, based on the metal’s weight and purity. Peachtree Gold Exchange purchases sterling silver flatware and serving pieces, candlesticks, silver bullion, silver jewelry and other pieces in the back of your china cabinet! No scrap of silver is too small or family collection too big.



Sell Diamonds With Us!



Peachtree Gold Exchange is also a diamond buyer! You can sell your diamonds to us, and get the cash you need to pay overdue bills. We buy diamonds of all shapes, sizes and settings as well as loose ones. If you have an old diamond ring, earrings or bracelets to sell, you want the services of Peachtree Gold Exchange. Diamond jewelry that isn’t worn just sits in a box. Why not make some extra cash and room in your jewelry box? Stop by Peachtree Gold Exchange for a free appraisal today.



Sell Jewelry With Us!



Do you need cash on the spot immediately for medical expenses or other personal needs? Peachtree Gold Exchange is here to help you. We buy precious metals, diamonds and more! If you want to keep particular gemstones, we can remove them for you. If you’re worried about transporting your valuables, we can come to your home or business at your convenience!